Beauty from Ashes

Holly was a sad and lonely little girl. 

“I didn’t have much of a home life. My dad was always away and my mom was always busy working,” she says. “I had a lot of depression and anger.” 

When she was 14, Holly began drinking and smoking pot, habits that escalated over the next 10 years. Eventually, she lost custody of her three children and came to Great Falls Rescue Mission for help. “That’s when I first came to God,” she says. 

Holly regained custody of her children and moved out of the Mission, but her world turned upside down again when her ex-husband won custody. “That was the absolute breaking point for me,” Holly says. “I started doing pills, drinking really heavily, and doing meth.” 

For the next two years, Holly battled her addiction and wound up living on the streets for two months. “Life was in shambles,” she says. “I was on a road of destruction and depression and anger and hatred.” 

One day, she said, “enough is enough” and returned to the Mission, to those who’d introduced her to the Lord years before. This time, however, she joined the Humbled Hearts Christian Discipleship Program. “Had I not joined the program, I wouldn’t have the relationship I have with God right now,” she says. 

It’s that “strong and sturdy” relationship that has helped Holly maintain her sobriety and find healing for her depression and anger. “I find myself talking to Him every day – in the good times and the bad,” she says. 

Holly graduated from the Humbled Hearts Christian Discipleship Program in June 2016. She credits the Mission with leading her away from that “road of destruction.” “Without the program, I’d probably be back on the streets with my life in shambles,” she says. “It saved my life.”

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