Thrift Store Voucher Program

Guidelines for Great Falls Rescue Mission Thrift Store Voucher Program

Download the application by clicking here.

  • Vouchers for Residents and Non-Residents are available for  clothing items and necessities. They are available through an application process and interview at the Thrift store, on an as needed basis. 


  • Voucher application's will be available on line, at the Men's, at the Women's Shelter, At the Thrift Store, and at our Administrative offices for individuals to fill out prior to requesting an interview with the Thrift store administrator of the program. Once filled out an interview will be scheduled to review the application, and a determination made to the extent of support. 


  • All Vouchers will be processed by the Thrift store Employee.


  • All vouchers will be issued on an as needed basis, and not as an entitlement. We want to provide for those in need, but not have the process abused. ( Abuse of this program for any infraction will be viewed as Theft of Mission property and result in corrective action to those involved, up to and including Termination of Employment.) Open Communication is key to this programs success. Ask Questions Please!


  • Residents (not on our programs) and Non- Residents are to be provided applications for vouchers and instructed to contact the Thrift Store Employee.

Download the application by clicking here.