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Board of Directors

Board President

Gary Gratz

Board Vice-President

Darren Brown


Jim Johnson
Dwight Smith
Debbie Ratta
Steve Herrig
Stephen Taule
Shannon Newth
Cari Kent


Nancy Rowell


Ron Nelson

gary bio


Served on GFRM Board: 4 years
Profession: Journeyman Carpenter/Contractor
Where I work: Self-Employed
Why I serve at GFRM? 

I serve at the Great Falls Rescue Mission because I truly believe that anyone of us can easily end up in the same position that many of the residents are in (i.e. a mistake in our choices, a loss of employment or falling into some type of addiction). I feel that when we finally surrender ourselves to what the Lord tells us who we are and what he wants for us in this life and the next, that we are better equipped to cope with the things that come our way. I want to be a part of that ministry that the Rescue Mission is, to help in some way those who are seeking change in their life.

darren bio


Served on GFRM Board: 3 years
Profession: Groundsman
Where I work: Great Falls Public Schools
Why I serve at GFRM? 

I serve on the GFRM Board because The Mission helps not only people, but intact families. The Mission is a Christ-based organization and we all need God’s help. It is important to me to be involved in our community and GFRM helps our city in so many ways. It’s an honor and pleasure to be part of GFRM.

nancy bio


Served on GFRM Board: 14 years
Profession: Family Nurse Practitioner
Where I work: Great Falls VA Clinic
Why I serve at GFRM? 

All children, women and men deserve care as demonstrated by Jesus. The Rescue Mission is a place where I continue to see that care in action and the miracles that follow. That is why I will continue to support the Mission.

ron bio


Served on GFRM Board: 5 years
Profession: Attorney
Where I work: Front Range Law, PLLC
Why I serve at GFRM? 

I serve at the Great Falls Rescue Mission to fulfill Jesus’ words in Matthew 25 that whatever I do for others, especially those in need, I do for Him.

jim bio


Served on GFRM Board: 52 years
Profession: Pipe Fitter & United States Air Force
Where I work: Retired
Why I serve at GFRM? 

For the same reason I began over 50 years ago – to serve the Lord. Jim and his wife, Flonnie, starting serving at Great Falls Rescue Mission through their church at the time, Emmanuel Baptist Church.



Served on GFRM Board: 6 years
Profession: Retired
Where I work: United States Air Force
Why I serve at GFRM? 

Great Falls Rescue Mission is an oasis in the desert for so many who have gone through brokenness in their lives. I am filled with compassion for our folks that have had chapters in their lives of heartbreak. I want to be there to help them.

debbie bio


Served on GFRM Board: 8 years
Profession: Retired Social Worker
Where I work:  Volunteer at the Great Falls Rescue Mission
Why I serve at GFRM? 

I believe in and love being a part of the Mission because of what it stands for… Transforming the hungry, hurting and homeless through Jesus Christ’s love!!

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