Meet Keisha

Keisha Lightbourne

Meet Keisha

Because YOU shared love…

Neighbors like Keisha have hope for a better life!

Keisha’s traumatic experience at just 10 years old led her to make bad decisions early in life. “I didn’t care. I just hung out with all the wrong people, doing all the wrong things, whether it was stealing, doing drugs or drinking,” she recalls.

She ultimately found herself in a situation where she needed to get herself and her kids out of a verbally abusive relationship. This meant leaving home with nowhere else to go. “My biggest challenge before coming to the Mission was finding a safe place for me and my kids.”

Everything changed for them when they walked through the doors of Great Falls Rescue Mission and entered our Cameron Family Center program. “It was like they’ve known us all our lives. They made us feel so welcome.”

“The Mission is the best thing that ever happened to my family.”

Our faith-based environment helped lift the weight off her shoulders and brought her back to God. “Nobody can live without God in their lives. Even my kids have learned that. God and family are most important, which the Mission is all about.”

Before Keisha moved out, she worked in our youth department, giving back to a program that has made such a big difference in her family’s life. “My kids and I have a really nice three-bedroom apartment. I couldn’t have done it without the Mission’s support,” she says.

“The Mission helps you learn to love yourself again,” she says. “When your heart’s in a good place, and you have God with you, you’re good. My heart is full of nothing but happiness.” 

Keisha now has strength for her future because of your heart of compassion for her and other neighbors in need. Because you chose to share God’s love, she has a path forward in life. “I can’t do anything without God. He has been with me through thick and thin. He brought me here for a reason.”

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Help other people like Keisha…

Her story of hope and healing is inspiring. Our long-term recovery programs exist to help other men and women find healing. Will you provide this help to others?