"Everybody kept saying, ‘you need to go to the Mission!’”

After 13 years of using meth (a very addictive drug), Lynne was saved in 2000 – but then “life” interfered. “I got a good job managing a mini storage. It came with a house. I was making good money and running everything myself,” Lynne says.

Her kids grew up and left home, and “the devil got a hold.” “As long as the kids were with me, I didn’t do drugs,” she says. However, with them gone, she got “sucked back” into using drugs again.

Lynne quit going to church. She was successful, so she “walked her own walk.” Then God started “taking things away.” Her mother died in September and she lost a grandson to SIDS in October. The following March, her drug use cost her her job and with it, her house.

“I didn’t want to come to the Mission,” she remembers. “That would mean I had failed.” So she sold all her belongings and spent the summer living in her car and a storage shed. But soon, she grew tired of being homeless.

Lynne came to the Mission with a bag and two pillows, all that was left of her great life.

“I was at peace the minute I walked in the door. Total peace! I knew in my heart that I had done the right thing by coming here and I’ve been at peace from that second on. I know that God brought me here. I know that He has me here for a reason.”

Lynne joined the Mission’s Christian Discipleship Program right away. “I had no friends. No family. God has given me a family here at the Mission. They love me for who I am and for what God is doing through me.”

“God is here,” Lynne says passionately. “He is in the house. When you’ve hit rock bottom and you have no place to go, He is here!”

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