"Everybody in the world had discarded me."

Morgan began using meth in junior high, the start of an addiction that would take over her life. “From the age of 13 to 32, there wasn’t a two-week span that I wasn’t drinking, taking pills, or smoking weed,” she says. “It cost me my apartment, my job, my family, everything.”

Morgan wound up living in a motorhome and working at a local club.

“I was drinking and drugging from the time I woke up to the time I passed out,” she says.

Then she read This Present Darkness by Frank Peretti and it had a profound effect.

Morgan found a new job as a caregiver, moved into a motel, and struggled to read the Bible she found in her room. “I wasn’t saved yet, so the battle for my soul was raging,” she says. “Every time I picked up the Bible, I was overcome with the urge to use again.”

Then the motel manager kicked her out and a friend told her about Great Falls Rescue Mission. “When I got here, I had the Bible I’d stolen from the motel and I pleaded, ‘All I want to know is what’s in this book. I want to understand!’”

That was soon to change. Her second night at the Mission, Morgan gave her life to Christ and, a month later, entered our Christian Discipleship Program. She graduated valedictorian and now teaches at the Mission. “I get to witness the growth in the lives of my sisters and it’s awesome.”

Morgan’s church is paying for her to attend chaplaincy school and she’s looking forward to serving at the Mission. “This is where the Lord has planted me,” she says. “Everybody in the world had discarded me, but at the Mission I was loved, accepted, and found purpose.”

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