"God is at the Mission."

Rachel never knew what it was like to be a carefree little girl. She never had a parent she could rely on. She had to grow up way too fast.

“My mother had a problem with alcohol so I had to raise my little sister, work full time, and go to school,” she says. 

When Rachel was 13, she started drinking just to fit in, but it soon became an addiction. “It got to the point where I’d drink until everything was gone,” she says. “I ended up with alcohol poisoning quite a few times.” 

Rachel got sober when she was 21, but within a few years, developed diabetic-related epilepsy. Then last year, she went into diabetic kidney failure and fainted, breaking her ankle in four places. “My recovery was slow and I began battling dark thoughts,” she says. “My doctor told me the Mission would be the best place for me and it was true!” 

Since entering our Humbled Hearts Christian Discipleship Program, Rachel has come to know the Lord as her faithful Father and she’s become a trusting child for the first time in her life. “I like to study the Word because it brings me closer to God and reassures me there’s someone who’s never going to leave,” she says. 

Rachel’s health has been restored, as well. “I don’t have diabetes or mental health issues. My health is wonderful,” she says. “I prayed and prayed for that.” 

Rachel has now moved on from the Mission, and she plans to go into ministry, sharing with others what she’s received at the Mission. “It’s been life changing. Everything had gone so wrong in my life and now everything is so good,” she says. “God is at the Mission, and He blesses everyone there.” 

WITH YOUR HELP, Rachel and others like her are finding that God’s hope and healing are for everyone, regardless of their past or circumstances. Thank you for your generous support!

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