"I have witnessed miracles and blessings every day I've been here."

Nicole’s childhood was unlike most… she was introduced to alcohol and drugs at 14. “I drank and drugged with my parents. It was pretty much our family time.” 

With Nicole’s father in prison for years, she didn’t have the chance to be close to him. Even when he was released, she was moving around and isolating herself with negative relationships, drug use and homelessness. 

When Nicole returned to try and patch her relationship with her father, they had a short time of getting closer and creating memories, minus the drugs. But shortly after, he passed away. 

“I had been running from God for a long time,” Nicole says. “When I lost my dad, I remembered the Mission, and I knew that it was Him calling me to change.” 

Nicole remembers eating her first meal in our dining hall, and how loved and supported she felt for the first time in years. She joined our Discipleship Program, receiving life skills training, guidance and grace. “The Holy Spirit has totally healed me from within!” she says. 

Nicole is clean and sober (longer than she ever has been!) and is looking forward to a healthier and more fulfilling future. After graduation, she hopes to pursue an education in social work or therapy so she can help others. 

“Not only has my life changed around, but I see it in everyone who comes here!”

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