"My life just fell apart."

It could happen to anyone…

When his marriage ended and Albert lost his place to live, his life “fell apart.” 

He was wary about coming to the Mission, and it hasn’t all been “smooth sailing,” but Albert says, “it’s a real blessing.” 

“The Mission welcomed me with open arms and I went into the discipleship program, which turned my life with the Lord around.”

Albert was raised in a loving family. And even though his parents divorced when he was younger, his stepfather was “wonderful.” “I never got into drugs or alcohol. I didn’t smoke. I was never in trouble with the law,” Albert says.

But the last few years of his life got more difficult.

Albert was doing home care when his hip started hurting. “I went to the doctor and they told me it was a bone spur.” Albert had had bone spurs before and thought that this problem was different. But his doctor was unwilling to refer him for further treatment, so he continued living with the pain.

Finally, an orthopedic doctor took x-rays of Albert’s hip and there was no doubt that it needed to be replaced. Work became very difficult, and at the same time, his marriage began to fall apart.

Without financial resources or relatives to depend on, Albert became homeless.

He stayed in our emergency shelter for a few months, then left to lend a hand to a friend. Coming back in 2012, he joined our Christian Discipleship Program and says it was “the best nine months I experienced!”

Albert appreciates that our program is faith-based. “I’ve always believed in the Lord, but I strayed away and did my own thing. [The program] has helped me grow spiritually. I don’t go to church some Sundays because I can’t sit for long periods of time with my hip. But I go to chapel at night, and I have my own little time when I read the Bible and pray.”

Albert graduated from our recovery program and is working here at the Mission, awaiting hip replacement surgery. “If it weren’t for the Mission, I’d probably be on the streets or in a wheelchair by now!”

 “They help me every way they can,” Albert says. “The support they give me is just outstanding. It’s like I’ve got one great big family!”

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Help other people like Albert…

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